Lion’s Club of Albury – World Festival Of Magic sponsorship

This year, Yield Finance Group were in the very fortunate position of being able to provide sponsorship to the Lions Club of Albury who provided a top-class show for the enjoyment of special needs children and their families from around our community.  With the community’s continued support,  Lions Club of Albury endeavours to bring some fun and respite into the lives of these children, who through no fault of their own miss out on so much that most of us take for granted.

As well as providing a show for kids, the surplus proceeds raised this year will be applied to MERCY HEALTH ACCESS RAMP.  Mercy Health in Albury are building an “Access Ramp” from the old Mercy Hospital into Alma’s Garden, which is adjacent to the old Mercy Hospital.

Presently, palliative care patients cared for in the old Mercy Hospital find it difficult or are unable to access Alma’s Garden. When the access ramp is completed, those patients, their families and friends will have unimpeded access to the garden.